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Heads Up 60bb Tournament GTO Preflop Range Charts

Solved Preflop GTO Ranges for 60bb Heads Up Tournaments for Simple Preflop

You will receive 4 individual solution files - 12.5% ante w/ limp, no ante w/ limp, 12.5% ante no limp, no ante no limp


Tree Details

10 chips = 1bb
Raise First In
Call / 3bet
Call / 4bet
Call / all in

Preflop Sizings

SB Limp > BB 3.5bb > SB 8.05bb > BB 18.52bb or all in > SB all in
SB 2.25bb > BB 6.68bb > SB 14.35bb > BB all in

Postflop Sizings

Flop = 33% cbet > 75% raise, all in
Turn = 75% cbet, 125% cbet > all in
River = 75% cbet, 125% cbet > all in

Solver Settings of Calculation

Flop = 10000 Buckets
Turn =  100000 Buckets
River = 100000 Buckets
Solved to 100 Iterations / Node

How to Use

These solutions are for Simple Preflop by Simple Poker.  You must use Simple Preflop to view the solutions which can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, install it by following the on screen prompts in the Simple Preflop installer. Once installed open the software and click update which can be found under the "File" menu at the top of the program.  You do not have to buy Simple Preflop to open solutions so you will be able to view the full solutions.  If you wanted to modify anything in the tree and rerun the solution you would have to purchase a Simple Preflop license.


Due to the product being digital, once you purchase the product you waive your rights to a refund.  No exceptions will be made.  Know what you are getting, read the details above, and if you are unsure of anything please don't hesitate to ask us.  Please read our full refund policy which can be found here.



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